What our customers like about us the most

Cutting-edge Technology

Automate your workflows

Our clients enjoy more free time since they don’t have to take care of routinary tasks as: order management, inventory management... This is possible thanks to our integration engine that automates business processes according to what our customers need.

Improving with every step

Your business changes continuously and so does our technology. We work non-stop to make the best possible solution for our clients and we are always innovating.

Relax, take it easy!

Security, availability and scalability are a must for EC Shops, that’s why we work with top suppliers for our cloud-based infrastructure. We also count with the robust Magento Community Open Source code base as the backbone of our platform, being improved and customized by our Development team with superpowers!

Advanced conversion optimization


Customize your site visitors experience based on traffic source, geolocation, behaviour, and more… Being personal means selling more!

Always Be Testing!

Increase your sales by A/B testing easily new hypothesis all the time! All these with a simple to use UX, so you’ll be able to change images, text or other elements without a developer.

Emphasise what’s important

Show pop-ups or widgets when you want them to, so you can stress messages based on your needs, with the right trigger at the right time.

Passionate Professional Team


Many clients see us as an extension of their own teams due to the passion that we have when working with them, and so will you!


Our team of specialists have years of experience in developing, designing and selling products online. We will assess your needs, and work closely with you on your priorities and goals.


We believe in having long-term relationships with our customers, because isn’t trust one of the most important thing in business?

What you'll get with our features

E-commerce website

This is, in a nutshell, why ECShops was born. Easy, fast, escalable but... overall automated. Let your E-Commerce work for you and not the other way around!


SEO made easy to use. The best possible traffic source for an online store is organic, that's why we provide you tools and guidelines to make the most out of Google!


Tell your stories and convert visitors into customers! Also, your existing customers will love to hear from you via your blog.

Add unlimited products with no extra cost

We know that every business is different and that setting arbitrary limitations (like number of products in your portal) makes no sense under any circumstances. We are commited to deploy a fully-fledged E-commerce platform for you!

Responsive design

Every single portal that we create works like a charm on all any popular kind of device. Therefore, your online business will always look smart and elegant for all your customers. Our online design editor allows you to know how any page in the portal will look in any device, at anytime.

Drag & Drop editor

Create and edit your store pages without any programming skills with an easy-to-use drag and drop system.

Catalog synchronization

For us, an online business is alive and dynamic. Your products, your prices, your strategy... everything evolves and ECShops allows you to automatically adjust your catalog every single day.

Inventory management

Is it difficult to track your stock? How many items of a particular SKU you have left? How many do you need to order? Let ECShops handle it so you are continuously up-to-date!

Order management

Every business has its own order processes and we understand that. We provide you with full flexibility and support to establish your sale process as it suits you and we are even ready to automatize every step that needs it!

A/B testing

Run A/B tests fast and make data-driven business decisions. Test images, texts, colors and much more, easily and without touching any code. Own your experiments and grow your business by continuous improvement.

Website personalization

Customize the content of the web pages for your visitors, make your site more relevant to them and sell more! Adapt your content based on Geolocation, Traffic Source or Technology used by your visitants.


Find out more about your store visitors by asking them questions with an easy-to-use survey tool. Choose pop-up surveys for high visibility, or the widget option which is less intrusive.

Website overlays

Promote special offers to your customers by adding pop-ups that are triggered when you want them to: on-click, on-load, on-scroll and on-exit. No idea of how to start? No worries, you can choose amongst several templates ready to use.

Customer relationship

ECommerce Customer Relationship is not only about sending an automated email when a sale has take place. With ECShops you will be in command of what is happening with your customers, you will be able to track abandoned carts, schedule and execute discounts/especial campaigns, offer an internal account portal for your customers, receive and provide a quote for a especial delivery... Your ECShops portal will always be customer-centric!


To optimize your store to sell more, you need to know where you are. Visualize trends in your sales, discover top selling products and extract value from your data with our analytical tool.

Premium support

We try to do everything easy for you, but if you need extra help, we'll be happy to assist you further! Your success is our goal.

Offer any kind of product or service

Online business is much more than just a physical items store. Are you selling products, downloadables, complex or configurable products? Maybe even services? Talk to us, we have you covered.